sunnuntai 2. elokuuta 2015

July's letters

Letter to Emmarose, USA

Letter to Klaudia, Poland

Letter to Lotte, Belgium

Letter to Lucia, Hong Kong

Letter to Marta, Czech Republic

Letter from Marta, Czech Republic. I love that Krtek postcard :) / Kirje Martalta Tsekistä. Myyrä-kortit on aina söpöjä. :)

First letter from my new pen pal Lucia, Hong Kong / Ensimmäinen kirje uudelta kirjekamultani Lucialta Hong Kongista

Cute letter from Natalia, Slovakia

Letter from Emmarose, USA

3 kommenttia:

  1. Beautiful letters did you get in July. A few days ago I sent my letter to you, I hope that soon you will get it. I recently started a blog lead with postcards and letters:

    1. Thank you! :) I'm looking forward to your letter.

    2. and how nice is your new blog! ^^